Hydraulic Winches

Nybon Hydraulic Winches is mainly composed of hydraulic motor (low speed or high speed motor), brake, gear box, drum, support shaft, frame, rope device (optional), etc.

Some hydraulic winches does not take stand, directly by the hydraulic motor, control valve group, the drum, the end of the shaft and other components, these can be based on customer needs matching, can be widely used in conveyor tensioners, construction machinery lifting cranes such as truck cranes, crawler cranes, aerial work platforms, forestry cranes, and port vessels such as port cranes, floating cranes, dredgers, crane cranes and davits, as well as heavy lifting equipment Such as oil rigs, offshore oil rigs, rotary drilling rigs for piling machines, rock drills, core drills, hydrostatic piles, and more.If you want to know more about electric winches or diesel winches,welcome to send an inquiry to :info@nybonmachinery.com

Model Pulling Force


Rated Speed


Total Displacement


Working Pressure


Diameter of Rope


Rope Capacity


NYJ4-60-68-21.5 60 0-40 5428.5 16 21.5 68
NYJ5-80-100-24 80 0-40 9080 16 24 100
NYJ5-100-90-28 100 0-40 11039 16 28 100
NYJ7-200-150J-40 200 0-25 27434 17.8 40 150
NYJ79-300-155-44 300 0-16 57776 17 44 150
NYJ79-350-150-46 350 0-16 68768 16.8 46 200
NYJ79-400-145-48 400 0-16 79808 16.5 48


Advantages of Our Hydraulic Driven Winch:

  • Starting efficiency and transmission efficiency, low energy consumption, reliable, long service life;
  • Good economic performance, Low noise during operation;
  • This form of winch delivers safe and reliable operations.
  • The winch can provide constant and durable performance throughout the job.

Five star motor 5T hydraulic winch

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Cutter Suction Dredger Hydraulic Winch

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12T Double Drum Hydraulic Winch

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hydraulic pump station

The hydraulic station, also known as the hydraulic pump station, is an independent hydraulic device. It supplies oil according to the requirements of the driving device (host) and controls the direction, pressure and flow of the oil flow. It is suitable for various hydraulic machines where the host and the hydraulic device can be separated. .

The motor drives the oil pump to rotate, and the pump sucks oil from the oil tank and pumps oil, converting the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil.

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Common Applications of Hydraulic Winch

The hydraulic winches supplied by our factory are mainly used to lifting, pulling and towing in a variety of fields.

  • In construction and installation sites to lift and move heavy loads.
  • In factories for placement and movement of heavy equipment.
  • In mining areas to handle coal and metal ores.
  • Installed on boats and ships for the intention of anchoring, mooring and towing.
  • In oil and gas industry for the movement of products and tools.

Hydraulic Winch For Construction

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Hydraulic Winch used on deck

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Hydraulic Winch used for truck crane

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Hydraulic Anchor Winch

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Hydraulic Windlass Mooring Winch

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Successful Project

Mooring windlass combination machine

In 2018, the Malaysian project, the special hydraulic winch for marine ships, is equipped with a hydraulic pump station. During this period, our technical engineers went to carry out a maintenance.The customer was very satisfied with our service.Welcome to ask for more about our anchor winch and mooring winch cases.

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Hydraulic Winch With Rope Guider

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