Electric Winch is made up of motor, brake, drum, wire rope, electrical appliance, base ect ; Electric winch can be equipped with automatic spooling device, wireless remote control, domestic first-line brand motors, Siemens, ABB motors can be selected according to requirements.

Electric winch is mainly used for Vertical lifting, Horizontal pulling, Mooring, Anchoring, slipway, mine,Hydro power station,etc.It is suitable for various bridges, ports, docks, ships and other projects and large-scale plant and equipment installation projects.We also produce diesel winch,hydraulic winch,various kinds of marine capstan,windlass.etc

Types of Electric Winches For Sale From nybon Machinery

We supply many different types of electric winches to meet your lifting and pulling requirements: slow speed electric winch, high speed electric winch, single drum electric winch, double drum electric winch, planetary winch, friction winch, construction winch and mine winch. Each type of electric drum winch can be custom designed and built according to your actual needs.

The following are five top-selling electric winches offered by NYBON:

JM Slow Speed Electric Winch

The Feature Of Slow Speed Electric Winch

  • JM slow speed electric winch is designed for relatively slow speed, it can lifting and pulling operations in construction sites, mines, factories and installation sites.
  • This series of winch is a sort of gear reducer drive winch. The winch can also be used on boat, ships to perform anchor, mooring and towing operations.
  • The rated load capacity ranges from 0.5t to 300 tons, and the working speed is in a range of 5-16m/min. The price of this winch is very competitive, when compared to a high speed electric winch.
Model JM
Load capacity 0.5~200 t
Rope capacity 20~3600m
Working speed 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase


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JM Electric Winch 10 Ton

jm electric winch for sale

JM Electric Winch 15Ton

JM Electric Winch 5 Ton

JK High Speed Electric Winch

The Feature Of High Speed Electric Winch

  • JK high speed electric winch, it is designed for more efficient winching operation in construction, mining and small equipment installation.
  • The high speed winch is suitable for long-distance, it is lifting or pulling since a high speed operation, can not only increase working efficiency, but reduce power consumption.
Model JK
Load capacity 0.5~60 t
Rope capacity 20~500m
Working speed 20~35 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase


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JK 2 Ton Electric Winch

JK 3 Ton Electric Winch

JK 5 Ton Electric Winch

JKL Piling Electric Winch

The Feature Of Piling Electric Winch:

  • JKL piling electric winch is mainly used for vertical lifting, to lifing heavy objects in construction sites, factories, mines, ports, etc.
  • The piling electric winch is especially suitable for free-fall punching and piling operations of bridges, wharfs, and building foundation projects.
Model JKL
Load capacity 1~10 t
Rope capacity 20~500m
Working speed 20~36m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase


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electric winch

JKL Electric Winch 5 Ton

JKL Electric Winch 10 Ton

JKL Electric Winch 8 Ton

JMM Friction Type Electric Winch

The Feature Of Friction Electric Winch:

JMM electric friction winch, usually used for long-distance traction, large-stroke lifting of various large and super large concrete, steel structures, steel cables, etc. The friction winch also can used to pull large boats out of the water.

Model JMM
Load capacity 0.5~100 t
Rope capacity 20~5000m
Working speed 5~20m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase


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JMM Electric Winch For construction

JMM 30 Ton Electric Winch

JMM Electric Winch For Pulling Ships

JKD Electric Planetary Winch

The Feature Of planetary Winch:

  • JKD small electric winch is a new type hoist which, it is a planetary drive with small teeth difference. It is also the ideal replacement of traditional hoist.
  • It has the advantages of compact structure, stable running, convenient operation, easy maintenance, low noise level and long service life. JK-D series winch is widely used in building construction, piers, bridges, and metallurgical industries for lifting and installation.
  • This series winch is not only in line with national GB/T10055-1996 construction winch safety rules, but also in keeping with national industry standards JGJ88-92 Elevator Safety Technical Specifications.
Model JKD
Load capacity 0.75~2 t
Rope capacity 20~200m
Working speed 20~35m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase


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JKD Electric Winch 2 Ton

JKD 1 Ton Electric Winch

Other Optional Electric Winch Accessories:

  • Electric winch is a reliable and cost-effective winch product, it is designed for many lifting and pulling applications. Powered by electric, this type of winch provides convenient operation, excellent safety and low operational cost.
  • If you are looking for an electric winch machine, just contact NYBON Machinery. Our winch professionals are here, to help you choose the right winch for your application.
  • Our winches can also be delivered with additional features , and options to ensure it is best suited for your application:
  • Rope spooling device
  • Single or double drum
  • Reducer
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